顯卡綜合測試 3DMark (2013) 2.2.3488日期:2016-12-30

作者:Futuremark.com   大小:3.7 GB   語言:多國語言   平台:Windows   人氣:129

簡介: [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/Futuremark/3D-Mark-20131.png[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/Futuremark/Sky Diver.jpg[/img] Futuremark 11 日宣佈推出 3DMark Sky Diver 基準測試,這是新一代 3DMark 的更新版本,在現有的 Ice Storm 、 Cloud Gate 及 FireStrike 中加入第四個測試場景, Sky Diver 測試項目將會採用 DirectX 11 功能層級,主要針對中階 PC 系列及 Gaming Notebook 產品。 據了解, 3DMark Sky Diver 基準測試性能要求將介乎 Fire Strike 和 Cloud Gate 之間,有別於 Cloud Gate 採用 DirectX 10 功能層級 720p 解析度, Sky Diver 將會採用 DirectX 11 功能層級 1080p 解析度, Futuremark 建議如果 Fire Strike 成績得分在 2800 以下,應採用 Sky Diver 測試作為基準,如 Sky Diver 測試成績在 12800 以上則應使用 Fire Strike 作基準。 3DMark Sky Diver 包括 Demo 、兩個 GT 繪圖測試、一個 PT 物理測試與一個 CT 合併測試,繪圖測試測量 GPU 效能,物理測試測量 CPU 效能,合併測試則同時對 GPU 和 CPU 加壓,而演示不會影響測試分數。 [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/Futuremark/3D2013.png[/img] Version History 3DMark Windows v.2.2.3509 December 15, 2016 This update fixes a GUI issue that resulted in marginally lower than expected scores when starting a test from the Benchmark Details screen in 3DMark versions 2.1.2852 and later. Benchmark runs started from the Home screen or the Command Line were not affected. It is normal for 3DMark scores to vary by up to 3% between runs since there are factors in a modern, multitasking operating system that cannot be completely controlled. With this update, overall scores are expected to increase by up to 0.3%. Scores from the Physics and CPU parts of benchmark tests may improve by up to 2.5%. Scores from this version of 3DMark are consistent with results from previous versions that did not have the GUI issue. Compatibility Added a two-minute timeout to the SystemInfo scan to prevent it from stalling for long periods on some specific systems. 3DMark Windows v.2.2.3491 December 12, 2016 This is a minor update. Benchmark scores are not affected. Fixed Fixed an issue with the output resolution setting on the Options screen. Description: 3DMark - The Gamer\'s Benchmark for all your hardware Whether you\\\\\\\'re gaming on a smartphone, tablet, notebook, laptop, desktop, or a high performance gaming PC, 3DMark includes a benchmark designed specifically for your type of device. And it\\\'s not just for Windows. You can compare your scores with Android and iOS devices too. 3DMark is the only benchmark to include a range of tests for different classes of hardware: Fire Strike, for high performance gaming PCs Sky Diver, for gaming laptops and mid-range PCs Cloud Gate, for notebooks and typical home PCs Ice Storm, for smartphones, tablets and entry level PCs

Cinebench R15.038日期:2016-12-30

作者:Maxon   大小:109MB   語言:英文   平台:Windows   人氣:142

簡介: [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/Cinebench/Cinebench_SS.jpg[/img] CINEBENCH是業界公認的BENCHmark軟體,該軟體使用MAXON公司針對電影動畫開發的Cinema 4D特效軟體引擎,這個軟體引擎要價十分昂貴,包含蜘蛛人,星際大戰,等等都有使用它來產生畫面,現在可以用來測試CPU和顯示卡的效能,更重要的是免費。最大支援16個處理器核心與64個執行緒,比較特殊的是對於OpenGL的效能他也參考並測試。 目前Cinebench的最新版本是R11.55版,相比較Cinebench R10版,新版本對系統的要求更為苛刻,而評分標準也有了一定變化,同時還加入了當前平臺和不同平臺之間的性能評分對比功能,讓你清晰瞭解當前平臺的性能檔次。 [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL//Cinebench/cb_pic2.jpg[/img] Description: CINEBENCH is the free benchmarking tool for Windows and Mac OS based on the powerful 3D software CINEMA 4D. Consequently, the results of tests conducted using CINEBENCH carry\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s significant weight when analyzing a computer’s performance in everyday use. Especially a system’s CPU and the OpenGL capabilities of its graphics card are put through their paces (even multiprocessor systems with up to 16 dedicated CPUs or processor cores). During the testing procedure, all relevant data is ascertained with which the performance of different computers can subsequently be compared, regardless of operating system.

GPU-Z 1.14.0日期:2016-12-27

作者:techPowerUp.com   大小:3.42MB    語言:多國語言   平台:Windows   人氣:86

簡介: GPU-Z 可以讓您快速了解顯示卡型號、晶片、製程、BIOS版本、Driver版本等等有關於顯示卡的資訊,而他目前同時支援了ATI和Nvidia顯示卡,另外提供更新檢查的功能。 GPU-Z 是一款專業的顯示卡檢測工具軟體,同時支援 ATI和NVIDAI晶片的顯示卡,經由 GPU-Z 可讓我們充份地了解顯示卡晶片訊息,包括:晶片類型、製程、晶片大小、匯流排介面、DirectX版本、記憶體類型、記憶體大小、驅動程式版本…等,而且我們還能透過時脈的部份,來判斷我們的顯示卡是否有超頻 [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/GPU-Z/GPU-Z.gif/[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/GPU-Z/GPU 1.jpeg[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/GPU-Z/GPU 2.jpeg[/img] Version History 1.16.0 Fixed Polaris OC reading error, introduced with 1.15.0 Description: Main Features Supports NVIDIA, ATI and Intel graphics devices Displays adapter, GPU and display information Displays overclock, default clocks and 3D clocks (if available) Includes a GPU load test to verify PCI-Express lane configuration Validation of results GPU-Z can create a backup of your graphics card BIOS No installation required, optional installer is available Support for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit versions are supported)

顯示卡監測工具 GPU Shark日期:2016-12-27

作者:Hypergraphics-3D   大小:589KB   語言:英文   平台:Windows   人氣:85

簡介: GPU-Shark基於ZoomGPU引擎開發,同樣小巧靈便,只有一個綠色的可執行檔,支持AMD Radeon、NVIDIA GeForce顯卡,相對於GPU-Z或GPU Caps Viewer不過更側重於顯卡狀態的監視,包括核心與PCB溫度(包括當前/最低/最高)、性能狀態、風扇轉速、顯存佔用等等,而且如果系統內有多塊顯卡的話會在同一視窗內分別顯示出來,當然它也能提供相當豐富的顯卡規格資訊。 GPU-Shark現在還提供了簡單、詳細兩種顯示模式,可通過視圖功能表進行切換。 [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/GPU Shark/GPU Shark 0.6.8.jpg[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/GPU Shark/gpushark.jpg[/img] Changelog Version – 2016.12.13 * fixed a bug in the detection of AMD Crimson ReLive drivers (december 2016). ! updated: ZoomGPU 1.19.5 (GPU monitoring library). Description: GPU Shark is a simple, lightweight and free GPU monitoring tool for GeForce and Radeon based graphics cards and is available for Windows only. GPU Shark offers a global view of all your graphics cards in a single window.

免費硬體檢測工具 HWiNFO v5.42日期:2016-12-23

作者:Martin Mal   大小:4.54MB   語言:多國語言   平台:Windows   人氣:99

[img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/HWiNFO/HW.png[/img] 簡介: 市面上有許多可以檢視系統資訊的軟體,但大部份的軟體都只能檢視部份資訊,例如只能顯示主機內部的溫度,或是只能顯示硬體配備。而HWiNFO32是一套整合了電腦所有資訊的好軟體,所有系統的資訊完完全全呈現在你眼前,一點都沒有遺漏,可以說是一覽無遺了!   老牌電腦硬體檢測軟體。它主要可以顯示出處理器、主機板及晶片組、PCMCIA介面、BIOS版本、記憶體等資訊,另外HWiNFO還提供了對處理器、記憶體、硬碟(WIN9X裡不可用)以及CD-ROM的性能測試功能。 在64位漸成主流的今日,老牌電腦硬體檢測軟體HWiNFO32也不甘落後,發佈了64位版本:HWiNFO64。它主要可以顯示出處理器、主機板及晶片 組、PCMCIA介面、BIOS版本、記憶體等資訊,另外HWiNFO還提供了對處理器、記憶體、硬碟(WIN9X裡不可用)以及CD-ROM的性能測試功 能。 [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/HWiNFO/HWiNFO.png[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/HWiNFO/hwinfo32 EX.png[/img] Description: HWiNFO™ and HWiNFO32™ are professional hardware information and diagnostic tools supporting latest components, industry technologies and standards. Both tools are designed to collect and present the maximum amount of information possible about computer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s hardware which makes them suitable for users searching for driver updates, computer manufacturers, system integrators and technical experts as well. Retrieved information is presented in a logical and easily understandable form and can be exported into various types of reports. Features: Comprehensive hardware information System health monitoring Basic benchmarks Text, CSV, XML, HTML, MHTML report formats Periodical updates Shows all hardware components hierarchically in a tree Displays status from hardware monitors Does benchmarks

讀寫測試工具 Parkdale 2.97日期:2016-12-23

作者:run_to_sz   大小:661 KB   語言:英文   平台:Windows   人氣:70

簡介: 硬碟效能測試工具《Parkdale》,內建三種不同的測試方式 讓我們自己選擇要用什麼方式來進行效能檢測,當然這三種所檢測出來的數據也會有所差異 不過也不一定要新硬碟才做效能測試,如果你覺得你家裡的古董硬碟似乎也很老舊了 你也可以測試看看比較一下和新的差異多少,就可以考慮去換一顆囉。 Parkdale不僅能檢測硬碟,U盤,快閃記憶體盤,還支援光碟機和遠端硬碟的測試,比較全面。   介面簡單易上手,包括3種檢測模式:   QuickAccess:該檢測模式預設使用250MB大小的區塊檢測,大約只需1-2秒就可以給出測試結果。   FileAccess:使用檔案系統進行讀寫測試   BlockAccess:不使用檔案系統讀寫速度測試   每種測試方法都允許你自行修改測試區塊的大小。 [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/Parkdale Storage/Parkdale 1.jpg[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/Parkdale Storage/Parkdale 2.jpg[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/Parkdale Storage/Parkdale 3.jpg[/img] Description: Parkdale let you get the read and write speed from your harddisks, cdrom devices and network servers. You can start a speed test on disks, cdroms and network shares. You get the transfer rate in KB or MB per second. Further you can adjust the blocksize used to access the disk. Several comnmandline options are available. All options are shown if the program is started . The program has two different modes: BlockAccess - The test data is read from or written onto the disk directly without using the filesystem.FileAccess - The test data is read from or written into a normal file using the filesystem.

VR 基準測試 VRMark v1.1.1272日期:2016-11-24

作者:Futuremark.com   大小:0.97GB   語言:英文   平台:Windows   人氣:140

簡介: 隨著市面上 VR 裝置的選擇越來越多樣,要怎麼在入手前確定自己手上的 PC 到底夠不夠格,或該說,會不會因為解析度、延遲等問題讓你的體驗不堪入目?跑分軟體開發商 Futuremark 總算站出來要為大家解決這樣的問題,要透過今起發布的 VRMark 全新虛擬實境跑分應用,幫助玩家們快速檢視自己的 PC 到底是否可以符合 VR 體驗的高標亦或是最低標準 [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/Futuremark/3DMark-VRMark-1.jpg[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/Futuremark/3DMark-VRMark-2.jpg[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/Futuremark/3DMark-VRMark-3.jpg[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/Futuremark/3DMark-VRMark-4.jpg[/img] Version History VRMark v1.1.1272 November 11, 2016 New Added CPU performance data to hardware monitoring charts. Fixed Fixed a hardware monitoring issue on systems with the Intel X99 chipset. Autosaving results when My Documents is not accessible or is mapped to a network drive no longer causes a crash. The vsync warning no longer appears when vsync is set to \"disabled, but allow if application requests.\" Compatibility VRMark now shows a warning if your CPU does not support SSE 4.1. Description︰ Is your PC ready for VR? Find out with VRMark, the virtual reality benchmark from the developers of 3DMark. The performance required for VR is much higher than for typical PC games. Run VRMark to see if your PC has what it takes to deliver a great VR experience on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. VRMark benchmark tests run on your monitor, no headset required. If your PC passes, it\'s ready for the two most popular VR systems available today.

硬體偵測工具 AIDA64 5.80日期:2016-11-24

作者:FinalWire Ltd.   大小:27MB   語言:多國語言   平台:Windows   人氣:268

簡介: AIDA64 可以很完整地顯示電腦軟硬體各方面的資訊, 例如:CPU、主機板、溫度、儲存裝置、網路、晶片組……等。支援 32 位元或 64 位元的作業系統 也支援 Windows Server 2008 R2,而且它也支援 SSD 固態硬碟。 AIDA64 是一款測試軟硬體系統資訊的工具,它可以詳細的顯示出 PC 每一個方面的資訊。 AIDA64 不僅提供了諸如協助超頻,硬體偵錯,壓力測試和感知器監測等多種功能 而且還可以對處理器,系統記憶體和磁碟磁碟機的效能進行全面評估。 [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/AIDA64/AIDA64.jpg[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/AIDA64/A64theme_logo.jpg[/img] [img]http://pic.xfastest.com/XFDL/AIDA64/AIDA64 Extreme Edition 5.00.3300.jpg[/img] 【功能特色摘要】 分析電腦硬體資訊 顯示已安裝軟體以及 Windows 之詳細資訊 顯示超頻資訊 系統穩定性測試 螢幕診斷 CPU、記憶體以及磁碟測試工具 溫度顯示 Version: 5.80.4000 stable (Oct 25, 2016) Release notes: AVX and FMA accelerated 64-bit benchmarks for AMD A-Series Bristol Ridge APUs Global hotkeys to switch between LCD pages, start/stop logging, show/hide the SensorPanel Proper DPI scaling to better support high-resolution LCD and OLED displays Corsair and Razer RGB LED mousepad support Microsoft Windows 10 Redstone RS2 Insider Preview support Improved support for AMD Zen Summit Ridge CPUs Improved support for Intel Apollo Lake SoCs Support for Samsung PM851 and SanDisk X400 SSDs Improved support for Intel NVMe SSDs CUDA 8.0 support GPU details for AMD Radeon RX 400 Series GPU details for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and GeForce GTX 1060 Description: AIDA64 offers a complete set of tools to benchmark, overclock, monitor, fine-tune, and troubleshoot Windows based desktop and mobile computers. AIDA64 is a powerful system information, benchmarking and diagnostic tool that can provide a host of information about the current state of your PC. The program is able to tell you a great deal about your PCs hardware, for instance, without you having to open the case. Motherboard model, CPU type and speed, chipset details, memory speeds, BIOS date, there\\\\\\\'s plenty of useful information to explore.

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